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“Where Lost Ones Go” is a very short game, that will only take 2 minutes to play through.

It’s about suicide, and the thought process behind it.

For more: http://wherelostonesgo.tumblr.com/

If you know anybody around you who is having suicidal thoughts, you might be experiencing a lack of empathy for them. This game aims to fill that role, and hopefully make you understand their feelings a little bit better.

If you have suicidal desires, please seek help from friends, family and professionals.

Thank you for playing.

Gameplay notes:

The dark scenes are not intuitive to play, and there are no instructions. Sorry about that. I’ll give you this hint: You don’t have to click on anything after the jump. Just move your mouse around and things will happen.

Development notes:

I made this game by myself in three and a half days. The music is also by me. The beach sound is taken from http://naturesoundsfor.me/