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Fly in space, collect things, have a peaceful time.


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Space Artist Windows.zip 15 MB
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cool game! it had just enough to capture my imagination

how do i play? I know how to move the moues and such but i cannt activate the things?

you hold down the mouse to move, and getting on the green radios should automatically collect them and let you pass the level. You don't have to concentrate on all the astronauts, just concentrate on the one to the up right. Thanks for playing!

That was lovely.

Thanks Adam :)

Another stylish original game from you, congrats. It was nice and smooth at the beginning then things got ugly when asymmetric missions started.

Thanks! Glad you like it. Hmm, actually, all missions are symmetric, the effect is simply to multiply the game screen and rotate the copies, so you can just play the game on the up-right corner.

I was doing that in the beginning, I drag the game window to the right down corner to make up-right visible only. But in some level, even though all other astronauts collected their radio, one of them didn't ! Was it a glitch then? Hmm.

That's impossible, as those camera views are only the copy of the same thing, there's only one astronaut flying. So I guess it must be a visual glitch or misunderstanding.